Women’s Introductory Guide to Firearms

  • Three Hours
  • Classroom only, no range work or live fire
  • No special equipment required
  • Suitable for women (and men too!) with little or no prior knowledge/experience with firearms (or for the many people who need to reset incorrect misperceptions on these subjects)
  • Fee :  $75

The Code Green Women’s Introductory Guide to Firearms class strips away the testosterone, the bragging, the swagger, and the nonsense associated with owning and using guns.

There is a strange contradiction in our world today.  On the one hand, women are generally more physically vulnerable than men, due to their smaller size and weight, and less well-developed musculature and upper body strength.  On the other hand, women may be more generally protective and instinctively motivated to guard their home and family.  But, on the third hand (!) women are massively much less likely than men to choose to own firearms, and to take even the most basic of classes in personal and home defense.

Why does this contradiction exist?  You probably have your own answers to this conundrum, we do too.  The important part to appreciate though is there is no underlying reason that it should exist – quite the opposite.  A less innately powerful person (male or female) can more immediately benefit from having access to firearms.  They truly are ‘the great equalizer’ and enable anyone to have an at-least equal say in deciding the outcome of any unpleasant encounter.

Best of all, women are in no way less skilled at the underlying elements of how to shoot.  Indeed, it is widely known among firearms instructors that women are easier to instruct and will more quickly gain skill at arms than men.  You might have your own thoughts as to why this is true, too!

Sadly, much of the advice given to women when it relates to firearms ownership, selection, and shooting is utterly and completely wrong.  Or when the advice is not wrong, it is either withheld entirely, or given in such a condescending manner as to be unpalatable and unwelcome.

We know this from wandering around gun shows, gun stores, and gun ranges, cringing repeatedly as we hear people (both male and female, and both ‘amateur’ and supposedly ‘expert’) giving bad and wrong advice to the women they are supposed to care about.

Whatever your views on gun ownership and self-defense, you should attend a Code Green Women’s Introductory Guide to Firearms class.  You’re welcome to interact with us in the class, to ask questions, to share stories and experiences, and to ensure you get the maximum value you can from the course.

We cover subjects ranging from the abstract but essential – ie ‘Would You, Could You, Should You Shoot’ to the factual and fundamental ‘What a Gun Is and How it Works’.  We also cover ‘Non-lethal Alternatives to Firearms’ – pepper spray, batons, tasers, and other alternatives, and – perhaps most important of all, touch on topics of how to avoid conflict/confrontation/ambush in the first place.

We explain the different types of guns (revolver and semi-auto pistols, rifles, shotguns) and their varying appropriateness for different situations, special considerations for women when choosing and using guns, and other related topics too, and typically have a dozen or more guns on display for you to see and handle (but not shoot).

You’ll leave the class with a better appreciation on the topic and with enough knowledge to be able to decide if and how you might incorporate firearms in general into your overall lifestyle and living situation.

Come by yourself, or bring your daughter(s) with you, or your mother, or your friends.  For that matter, bring your husband/son(s)/father and the other men in your life too so they can better relate to you on this important topic in the future. (But if you bring men with you, they have to promise to keep quiet during the class – this is your class, not theirs!)

We are so certain of the value and importance to you in attending this class that we guarantee its quality and value to you.

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