Code Green Training Guarantee


Our promise and our guarantee to you is that you’ll leave a Code Green training class better than you joined it.

If you haven’t learned anything, or if we didn’t cover something you didn’t already know and weren’t already proficient at, we’ll refund you the course fee, less the direct costs of consumables you may have used (such as ammo and targets).

Best of all, you’ll leave a Code Green class with a clear understanding of how your knowledge and skills have improved.  Most classes have an exit test, and we give you this test twice – first upon joining the class, and secondly at its conclusion, so you can clearly see, yourself, how you have benefitted from the Code Green Training.

Fine Print

  1. You are welcome to come to any class, even if you already have a greater level of knowledge and proficiency than that being taught (eg to accompany, encourage, and support a spouse or child or friend) but in such cases, our guarantee would not apply.
  2. Refund offer applies to first time students taking their first class.  After you’ve experienced your first Code Green class, hopefully you’ll trust us for future classes.
  3. We promise to make you better but we don’t and can’t promise to make you a 100% expert in a single class.  Indeed, there is no such thing as a 100% expert, no matter how you define the concept (and neither is there a 100% certainty that you’ll be the victor in any real-world encounter).  We don’t consistently shoot perfect scores ourselves, and luck – both good and bad – is an unavoidable part of life.
  4. There is also one part of the learning experience we can’t control – you and your willingness to learn.  Gaining proficiency at anything requires hard work and dedication on your part too.  And so our promise is simply to make you better than you were at the start of the class – how much better is up to you as much as it is up to us.
  5. Please let us know before the end of the class if you wish to claim a refund so we can speedily resolve the issue on the spot.

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