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This website covers topics related to firearms, training in the use of firearms, and the use of deadly force to save the lives of yourself and/or others dependent on you for protection.

These are all very complex issues.  In many cases, there are no clear perfect answers or solutions to the challenges and problems we discuss and which you may face, merely a series of successively less bad alternatives.  Even a perfectly justifiable and justified use of lethal force may result in you suffering criminal and/or civil liability, possibly even extending to incarceration and/or suffering major financial losses.

Similarly, there is no such thing as a perfect gun.  All guns have limitations and suffer from unavoidable issues of unreliability.

Any time a person has any involvement with any type of firearm, there is an unavoidable element of risk associated with that involvement.  Weapons can misfire and explode in your face, possibly causing severe or fatal injury.  Negligent discharges on your part may harm you or other people (or things) around you, and negligent discharges from other people who are also handling/training with firearms near to you may also harm you or your belongings.

And while we talk about the use of deadly force, nothing we say should be taken as suggesting we ever advocate the use of deadly force, other than in the gravest of extreme situations and when you’ve absolutely run out of other options.  Yes, we definitely recommend you should be skilled in using your firearms, and yes, we acknowledge that sadly, there are on rare occasions situations where deadly force is unavoidably needed; and in such cases, you need to have the resolve and moral certainty to take the necessary action without further hesitation.

Although we write – sometimes at length – on these issues, of necessity everything we say is couched in terms of generalities, with the general advice we give being applicable to an unknown and varying degree to the specifics of each individual situation and circumstance.

Another limitation of the content on this site is that there is a complex maze of federal, state and local legislation and regulations relating to the ownership of firearms, their use, even the ownership of ammunition, and of course, to do with what is deemed acceptable and appropriate self-defense.  We are not attorneys and nothing we say, on this website and in person, is intended to be legal advice.  You should seek the advice of an experienced attorney who specializes in this type of law, and even his advice is likely to be expressed in terms of probabilities and uncertainties rather than definitive statements of what you can and can’t do.

You should not rely solely on the material on this website when planning your own responses to hypothetical challenges you might encounter.

The website and the information on it is all free.  You know what they say – advice is worth what you pay for it.  We provide professional training services – if you wish to get more accurate and specific advice, suggestions, and skills, buy training services from us; either participating in one of our classes, or purchasing specific one-on-one training.

We also include links to many other sources of self-defense information, and on occasion, we may speak positively about the content we link to.  Nothing we say is to be taken as an endorsement or an acceptance of responsibility or liability on our part towards the content we link to and talk about.

You agree that you will hold us harmless and fully indemnify us from any consequences related to your accessing this website and reading the contents thereon, and your access to this site is conditioned on you agreeing to this provision.  We can not be and must not be liable for anything you read, interpret, understand or misunderstand on this site, and you must seek specific confirmation of anything and everything published hereon, and your appropriate understanding of it, before accepting and acting on it.

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