Choosing a Competition Pistol


This is a heavily modified CZ-75 pistol suitable for IPSC competitive shooting

Whoa!  Hold on there, big boy.  🙂

If you’re looking for a competition pistol, we can’t help you.  Indeed, if you’re at that level of involvement in the sport of pistol shooting, you probably don’t need our help anyway.

As you probably already know, the various different pistol shooting sports groups (IPSC, IDPA, etc) have very specific rules for the types of guns you can use in the different grades of competition, and serious competition shooters end up spending many thousands of dollars on very specialized pistols and accessories so as to score best in competitions.

IPSC, IDPA and other types of competitive shooting is indeed a fun sport that many people enjoy, but the guns used at such events are sometimes very different to regular self defense or plinking type pistols, just like the cars you’d find on a race track are seldom ‘street legal’ sedans that you’d also use for commuting to and from work.

Ask your fellow shooters for suggestions and advice.  And good luck as you enjoy your sport competitively.

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