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Prepping – and preppers – are the new terms used to describe people who actively engage in preparing for future adversities and problems.  In the past, such people have been sometimes termed ‘survivalists’ but that term has increasingly (and very unfairly) taken on overtones of white-supremacists and anti-government extremists, which is definitely not what prepping is all about at all.

We are all preppers to a greater or lesser extent.  Anyone who stocks some spare flashlight batteries ‘just in case’ is preparing for a possible future problem.  Anyone who keeps an emergency can of gasoline in their garage is prepping.  For that matter, everyone who puts their seat belt on when getting into their car is also prepping, and they’re again prepping when they pay their car insurance.

And, most of all, anyone who chooses to own firearms and train in their use for self-defense purposes is definitely preparing for a future problem – an unlikely but potentially life changing one.

All these actions – some even mandated by law which shows the universal acceptance of prudent preparation – are examples of prepping.

So rather than join the main stream media and selectively poke fun at ‘preppers’, maybe we should think some more about other parts of our lives that are also subject to remote but not impossible risks and challenges, and consider the most prudent ways of addressing and minimizing these risks.

Statistically (depending on where you live) our lives are as likely to be changed by an earthquake or eruption as they are by an assailant attempting to kill us.  And we’re much more likely to experience a multi-day power outage than a home invasion by an armed burglar.

Our motto is ‘Skills and Tools for Life’.  Yes, firearms are tools and skills that can help protect and enhance the lives of ourselves and our loved ones.  So too is knowledge of first aid.  And so too is some appropriate prepping.

With this in mind we’ve partnered with what has become a companion site – ‘Code Green Prep‘ that focuses on this important topic.  Please do go have a look and participate.

We’re trying to keep most of the self-defense and firearms related topics on this site, but there are some different aspects to consider as between self-defense in a generally lawful society – typically defending yourself against one only casual criminal – and self-defense in a society that is experiencing a major upheaval.  You might find yourself confronting a crowd of rioters, or a determined group of starving people determined to steal your food, no matter what the cost.

So, best to add both this site and the CodeGreenPrep site to your favorites list, and to take the updates from both sites too.

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