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Who and what is Code Green?  We’re glad you asked!  We are bringing new thinking to a traditional concept –  gun ranges and gun training.

Guns have been a part of American life since the very first settlers.  At times they’ve been revered and at times reviled, but they’ve always been there, no matter how assiduously those among us who hate guns have tried to take them away from us.

And while there have been changes in gun technology over the years – we no longer shoot muzzle-loading black power rifles or western style six shooters, except as a hobby and for fun – in truth, guns have only slowly changed over the years.

As a good example of this, the year we started operation (2011) also saw the 100th anniversary of what remains today still one of the best and most popular pistols and calibers – John Browning’s famous and fabulous M1911 Colt semi-automatic pistol and its .45 ACP round (to be picky, the 1911 pistol originated in the 1890s, and these days it is the slightly modified M1911A1, released in 1924, that is most commonly seen) (oh, okay, and to continue being picky, the .45 ACP cartridge, also designed by Browning, first saw the light of day in 1904).

Yes, we have seen some changes in pistol and rifle technology over the last hundred years, but they have been incremental and evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  And at the same time, we have also seen very little change in how ‘skill at arms’ is taught to people wishing to become proficient with firearms.

Although the world is changing almost beyond recognition in most other respects – most notably the impacts of the internet, without which you’d not be reading this now – firearms training generally still comprises a mix of sit-down-at-a-desk classroom sessions and ‘stand-unmoving-on-a-range-lane’ range drills.

We aim to change this, and it will be change for the better.

Skills and Tools for Life

Our slogan is ‘Skills and Tools for Life‘.  This is important, because it reflects on the positive nature of our core philosophy.

We don’t teach you how to take lives.  We teach you how to save lives – the lives of yourself, your loved ones, and others who are relying on you for protection.  An integral part of our training is how to avoid getting into ‘no win’ situations where the use of deadly force may become essential.

But, if you do end up in a situation where you have no other reasonable alternative but to use deadly force to defend yourself, then your Code Green training will help improve the odds that you will survive the encounter, and that you will satisfactorily neutralize the threat that was confronting you.

Best of all, at the end of such a nightmare scenario, you’ll be more confident you did the right thing, because you knew what your alternatives were and acted as best you could to avoid the need to use deadly force.

Guns for Good

Some people in our very diverse society seek to vilify firearms and the people who own them.  This is wrong, and both we and you too must not accept their view.

Guns themselves are of course neither good nor bad.  They are inanimate lumps of metal (and plastic too these days!).  They are capable of being used for good or for bad, depending on who has them and what they do with them.

As such, owning and using guns is a responsibility with obligations associated with it – obligations to be a careful and safe user, and obligations to only use guns appropriately.

But if these obligations are met, guns are very definitely good.  They are one of the ultimately democratic tools out there, because they truly do make all men equal.  They cut across race, color and creed.  They give the same empowerment to a ‘little old lady’ (or a young girl) as they do to a 250lb footballer.  They allow ordinary lawful citizens to respond with authority and power to threats from lawless gangsters.

This is why we say that Code Green’s training will give you skills and tools for life.  For saving your life.  For saving the lives of your loved ones.  Indeed, the skills and training we provide may even help you save the lives of the bad guys, by enabling you to escape situations where otherwise you’d be justified in employing deadly force to protect yourself.

So when someone says ‘I can’t understand why you’d want to have a gun and how you could bring yourself to kill another human being’, you know what to answer.  Tell them ‘My gun is not to kill anyone.  It is to save me and my loved ones from being killed.’

Code Green’s Great Future

Please keep in touch with us as Code Green evolves and matures.  Subscribe (for free!) to our blog (click the link in the top right corner).  Help yourself to what our growing library of resources and articles on firearms and self-defense.

And if you’d like to become more closely aligned with what will become the new defining approach to firearms training, we’re definitely looking for investors and participants, anywhere and everywhere in the United States.

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