Seniors’ Guide to Firearms

  • Three Hours
  • Classroom only, no range work or live fire
  • No special equipment required
  • Suitable for all
  • Fee :  $75

We’re no spring chickens ourselves – some of us have been eligible for AARP membership for more years than we care to count.  And we’re very aware of a curious contradiction out there – we surely know ourselves, not just from reading, that as we age, we become less physically fit and, alas, less well able to defend ourselves in a threatening situation.

But, although we become more vulnerable – there, we went and said it, it is for sure an unpleasant concept, but equally for sure, it is the reality we have to confront and adjust to – for some strange reason, surveys show that the older we become, the less likely we are to own firearms.  Statistically, our children are more likely to own guns than we are.

This makes no obvious sense.  We have much greater wisdom, experience, and self-control – surely we of all people can be most trusted with firearms.  And we have a greater need, a greater benefit, from having firearms included into our lives.  We’re more likely to be at home alone or with only our spouse, and we’re more obviously a vulnerable target for muggers and other undesirables when we’re out and about.

The good news is that unlike a driving license, there’s no special additional testing required for the over-50s, over-60s, and so on up to even the over-90s, in order for us to be allowed the same equal access to firearms as anyone else of legal age.

So don’t you agree that it behooves us all to prudently accept and respond to the unavoidable responsibility we have for our own lives and wellbeing.  Just because our children may have become ‘adult’ (to a greater or lesser extent!) that doesn’t mean we don’t still have them, maybe their children, and other loved ones all still relying on us and hoping for our continued good health.

The Code Green class, Senior’s Guide to Firearms, strips the Rambo elements from firearms ownership topics and goes through the essential issues you need to know in terms of choosing firearms, training with them, and then both how to avoid ever needing to use them and what/when/how to use them if it becomes unavoidably essential.

We also talk about issues such as weakening upper body strength and deteriorating eyesight (and the best way to address and resolve such challenges).

This is an interesting and thought-provoking class that you’re encouraged to interactively participate in to ensure you get the best value learning experience possible.

Bring along some friends – for that matter, bring along some of your younger family members too.  Or have us take a class to you instead – we’ve designed this class to avoid the need for any range facilities.  We will have plenty of guns on display, but none of them will be fired.  So why not have us put on a presentation at your local senior’s center, community center, or anywhere else that works for you and some friends.

As with all Code Green classes, we put our money where our mouth is.  We guarantee you’ll get good value from the class, and will refund you your participation fee if you don’t feel it was worthwhile.

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