Introductory Pistol Shooting Skills

  •  3 hours
  • Range class, involves live fire
  • No prior experience required
  • Bring your own gun and gear for standard range work (see our standard gear requirements) or tell us what you don’t have/do need so we can arrange to rent or sell it to you.  Note we can rent you everything you need, including a pistol in your choice of calibers, and we will provide targets.
  • Fee :  $125

Our Introductory Pistol Shooting Skills course is designed for the beginning shooter.  It teaches you gun safety and the essential aspects of gun handling, and helps you understand the four key principles of accurate shooting.  You’ll also learn how best to safely load, reload and unload your pistol.

You’ll then apply this knowledge and practice at shooting effectively and at reasonable speed from a ‘ready’ position at life-sized targets in the ‘danger’ ranges (ie the distance at which a person poses an immediate threat to your safety if you are not in control of the situation and responding) varying between 3 yards and 7 yards.

Recognizing that training doesn’t end when the class ends, we also give you some suggested drills that you can train with yourself in the future as a way of continuing to develop and improve your new skills with a pistol.

The class concludes with a practical test of your newly developed skills, giving you a chance to receive a certificate of completion, of graduation, or of distinction.

And – did we mention?  This class, like all our classes, comes with our money back guarantee.  If you didn’t learn anything and are unhappy with the value received, simply ask for your money back.

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