Home Defense Pistol Skills


We’ve split our practical defensive pistol training into two major categories.  One category teaches you skills you’re likely to need when facing a confrontation at home, the other category teaches you skills for when you’re out of your home, probably in a situation where you’re carrying a concealed weapon.

These two Home Defense classes require you to have passed either our Introductory Pistol Shooting Skills class or an equivalent class offered by another recognized training school.  We’d prefer you to have attended our Introductory Pistol Shooting Skills class, so that you’re already familiar with our terminologies and recommended procedures and protocols, but if you’ve successfully completed a similar class elsewhere and wish direct admission into our Home Defense class, we’re pleased to accept you, with the understanding that if after the first hour you feel your previous training was insufficient, you’ll withdraw from the class and we’ll allocate the balance of your tuition to pay for one of our Introductory Pistol Shooting Skills classes instead.

We have two classes, a Level 1 and a Level 2 class.  Each class runs 3 – 4 hours, and so between them, you’re getting somewhere between 6 – 8 hours tuition.  This might seem like a lot of tuition and time, but trust us – it isn’t.  We’re compressing what would normally take perhaps three times as many hours range time into these classes.

The classes are a mix of teaching you new skills and then helping you improve them – for example, we teach you how to clear a malfunction in your pistol, and then we help you do it quickly.  The classes also have layers of sophistication in them – we teach you the basic level skills in the first level, and the advanced level skills in the second level.

There are tests at the end of each class.  It is not unusual for less than half a class to pass the test the first time they take it, and that’s okay.  You can return and take the class a second time, a third time, indeed, as many times as you like.

Here is the more specific information about our Home Defense Pistol classes

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