Dry Firing Skills Development

  • Three hours
  • Classroom only, no range work or live fire (but some classroom practical exercises)
  • No special equipment required
  • Suitable for all skill levels, but best if you have at least some basic shooting knowledge
  • Fee :  $100 (You’ll quickly save much more than this in reduced range fees and ammo purchases)

Code Green’s Dry Firing Skills Development class teaches you what you need to know to be able to coach yourself, at home or anywhere, in the essential skills and techniques for good gun handling, without needing to fire a single shot.

This is not just for beginners.  The world’s best professional (law enforcement, military, and competition) shooters all do way more dry fire than live fire, and you should, too.

But dry firing practice requires a special awareness of some of the associated challenges and issues.  You need to be sure to be developing good skills, not bad skills.  We tell you how to maximize the benefit and value from your dry fire practice.

You also should use the most appropriate training aids and equipment, which we fully explain to you.  You could dry fire with nothing at all except your ‘finger gun’ (we tell you how), or you can use your real gun, or various other specially designed dry firing aids.

We also provide full details of practice drills for you, as well as guidelines to rate your progress and abilities.

Most importantly, any time you are around guns, there are essential safety considerations, including some obscured and ‘hidden’ potential deadly traps associated with dry firing.  We give you the ‘heads up’ on such issues so you can ensure your dry firing remains safe.

Lastly, we tell you how to include dry firing into your live firing range practice, too.

Code Green’s Dry Firing Skills Development class will make you a better and safer shooter.  It will help you to practice your drawing, your accuracy, how to clear malfunctions and tactical/emergency reloads.

Sign up for a Dry Firing Skills Development class now.  The quality of our instruction and value you’ll receive is fully and proudly guaranteed.

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